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     Anshan General Broadcast & TV Equipment Co., Ltd.(AGBE) was established on July, 1998. Many technical personnel in the company have over 20 to 30 years experiences of designing and producing transmitter. It is a main manufacturer producing radio broadcast & TV transmitting equipment in China.
     Since the establishment of the company, AGBE has been continuously exploring the brand new development trend of broadcast & TV technology and had a widely technology cooperation with some manufacturers that have the strong influence in the field of broadcast and TV industry from some countries in U.S., France, Italy, etc respectively. The company designed and manufactured a new generation broadcast TV transmitter and CATV wide band network transmission equipment with contemporary international advanced level.
    In 2005, AGBE became the first batch enterprise to get the attestation certificate after the execution of production license in the broadcast and TV industry in china.
    AGBE insisted on the development road of the combination of independent innovation and introduction of the advanced technology from abroad and there are many new products to be put into market each year.
Therefore, the product and technology of transmitter from the company always stands in the leading place in China. In the past 10 years, 100W to 10 KW FM transmitter and analog TV transmitter produced by ABGE were spread all over 1000 provincial, city and county radio and TV station in China’s over 30 provinces and some products were sold to Burma, Indonesia, Viet Nam, Congo, Bolivia etc some circumjacent countries and developing countries.
    On October, 2006, AGBT successfully finished the project of FM transmitter and TV transmitter aided by China to Tajikistan Republic and become a registered manufacturer of foreign aid project by the Ministry of Commerce of China.
    In the product production process, AGBT strictly executes the national standard. In some working procedures like design type, material selection, assemble technique, test technique, aging test, after
sale service etc, it also strictly executes ISO9001 control procedure and the qualification rate of equipment leaving the factory can reach to 100%.
     Following the coming of digital TV transmitter time, AGBE finished the digital upgrading to the analog product a few years ago and the power amplification part of analog TV transmitter can be compatible with digital function and successfully developed 100W to 2.5 KW digital TV transmitters’ series products. The quality has reached to international advanced level.
     In 2008, AGBE undertook two mobile TV covering projects in Xinjiang, China and got a good success.
     AGBE would like to make excellent service to all customers in the principle of” excellent products, reliable reputation and satisfactory price ”.
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